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Earth is an Artist who paints Herself in colors invisible to the human eye
Coming soon: the Sping Creek Wild! 2016 calendar.

This calendar features photographs of wildlife around Spring Creek as it flows through Spring Creek Natural Area, Sherrill Park, Springpark, and Spring Creek Forest Preserve. The following wild creatures are included: Barred Owl adults and chicks, Great Horned Owl and chick, Bobcats, Green Heron, Cooper's Hawk and chicks, Red-shouldered Hawk adults and chicks, Red-tailed Hawk, Green Heron, and Wood Ducks. The calendar is printed on premium photo paper using a professional printer. It is a great way to show off to family and friends the beautiful, wild creatures who share our neighborhood. Details will be available here soon.

The front cover photograph shows a Barred Owl juvenile who had just retrieved a food pellet dropped earlier by its Dad who is watching from a tree to the right of this scene. It shows part of the teaching owl parents give their offspring. It takes much longer for juvenile owls to learn everything they need to know about how to be an owl than the time hawks spend with their chicks.

Copyright 2015 - Remote Sensing Art and Photographs by Larry P. Ammann, Digital Artist and Photographer. All Rights Reserved. No image or photograph may be reproduced without the artist's express written permission.